Get Location from IP Address API#



Get information about city, country region etc from public IP

Input Params#

Parameter Type Requirement Explanation
ip string required Any valid Public IP, which is publicaly accessible over the Internet.

Response Params#

Parameter Type Explanation
city string City of the IP
country string Country of the IP
countryCode string Country Code
isp string Internet service provider of the IP
lat double Latitude of the IP area
lon double Longitude of the IP area
org string
query string IP Address
region string
regionName string URL of the captured screenshot
status string Status of request
timezone string URL of the captured screenshot
zip string Zip of IP City

curl -H "Authorization: {api_key}" ""

Example Requests#

GET curl -H "Authorization: {api_key}" -L "{{url}}"

Example Response#


Error Handling#

HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

Code Status Explanation
200 OK Successful request.
400 Bad Request Invalid request, or invalid parameters .
403 Authentication Not authorized.
404 Not Found The resource requested was not found.
5xx Server Error A fatal error occurred while processing the request. Try again.

All errors will be JSON object with a String array of errors:

  "errors": ["Malformed request"]

Plans Description#

Plan API Calls Price
Basic 10000 $5/Month Get this
Starter 30000 $10/Month Get this
Professional 50000 $15/Month Get this
Professional Plus 100000 $50/Month Get this

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